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The Snap Happy Babies Franchise

My name is Nicola Mitchell and I am the founder of Snap Happy Babies in Essex. Originating as a mobile photography service over 10 years ago, I have progressively expanded my business to the present day where I offer a diverse range of photography services for parents to document their child's stages of growth. From capturing maternal women with their baby bumps to family photos, I have a mixture of packages to suit whatever your needs may be.


At the beginning of this journey, I would hire out local community centres and offer 10-minute miniature photo shoots for clients, an efficient service that allowed for same day printing. I promoted this through social media, moving on to approach local baby groups, nursery, preschools and toddler classes. I would also extend my exposure by attending buy and sell markets or any other family events to promote my work.


My determination to succeed through marketing in a variety of ways led to growing fantastic connections and building valuable relationships that are still present 10 years on, where these businesses and markets receive commission for allowing me to continue to join their events.


Developing My Passions

Originally, I would make my sales onsite, resulting in a higher turnover of sales, with the option for customers to also view the selection of photos I take online where the purchases can also be made. Offering these popular ‘mini-shoots’ naturally led to a healthy stream of private shoots being requested, where I would provide mobile shoots at my clients homes in Essex and the surrounding areas.


3 years ago, after having my first baby I hired Jay, who helps with the admin and marketing, an absolute asset to my business. Her presence in the Snap Happy Babies Franchise has only been beneficial, promoting my work and ultimately selling out dates frequently.

Snap Happy Babies is predominantly a fun and relaxed service which is what makes it so popular with people across Essex. Costing just £5 to trial whether or not their child will play ball for the shoot, and a no obligation to buy ethos (although 9/10 always do) it is a no brainer why so many people have selected me to photograph their children and families.

Why Snap Happy Babies Became Who We Are Today

Snap Happy Babies arose from the concept of giving the opportunity to women during their maternity to document it through photography, from before your baby is born to the various stages through their growth, we ensure they don't break the bank to do so. Due to this I have gained repeat customers across the years and witnessed their families expand and develop, capturing this beautifully through my work. My Essex based photography business has successfully continued to grow, forming my own following where I now offer shoots from my own home studio to further reduce costs.


Through word of mouth and productive marketing techniques, I have reached more people, soft plays and schools, broadening my exposure and gaining more and more shoots.


Snap Happy Babies has reached a wonderful point where we are expanding our Franchise, with new opportunities emerging in several locations across the country. If you are a photographer interested in joining our pregnancy, family and newborn photography business, please get in touch today, with your email and telephone number. I look forward to hearing from you.

Phone: 07710 718564 | Email:

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